Tuesday, September 23, 2008


“When I consider how my light is spent” by John Milton is related to someone who cannot see and symbolizes sight with light, he feels like he has not reached the purpose of his life. This poem and the reading “Can Wikipedia conquer expertise?” relate in this matter. In this reading we learn what Wikipedia is, how it formed, and all its features. Many people say that this website or encyclopedia is not precise because anybody can add, edit or change any information in it; this is one of the reasons why people have added vulgar words and pictures in it, although it is being controlled now, there is not a control over the editing of this web site. Others say that this is a really good website because it collects the knowledge of many people around the world and it all ends up becoming one great idea. In general, people want this website to have accurate information and no errors, they want perfection. In our third reading, the poem by William Shakespeare, My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun; he obviously talks about his mistress and compares her to nature. Even though his mistress is not the same as nature, she is beautiful to him, but he knows she is not really perfect.
We can see the connection between these three readings, even though they talk about different subjects, they relate in the matter of perfection. Milton trying to make something out of life even if he does not have a lot of time left, Shakespeare talking about his mistress not being perfect but still beautiful her own way, and the reading about Wikipedia talking about how some information on the internet can be incorrect even though many people have read it and edited it. Nobody has really seen perfection but there are many things close to it, but what things? This is a question many have thought about. As Loyola, Jesuit students, we do not have to be perfect, but we should try our best. For example when Shakespeare talks about his mistress, he knows that she is not beautiful, but he loves her. So we should do what we enjoy in order to get the best out of it even if it is not perfect it can still be good and it will become and example for others.

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