Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flaws of life.

Flaws occur in life all the time, weather there be flaws of oneself, like in "When i consider how my light is spent" or in one's companion, as in "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun" or even flaws on the internet, as in "Know it All: can Wikipedia conquer expertise?". The authors of these two poems and one article, talk more into detail about flaws in many aspects that could impact any one of us. 
While having the same general theme the plots of these three works are extremely different. In "When i consider how my light is spent" by John Milton, the narrator talks about the  being blind and thinking back to all the flaws of his life and what he could of done better, like the man who buried his money in the ground in the gospel. Where as in My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun" by William Shakespeare, the narrator talks about his mistress' flaws but how he still has those rare feeling of love for her. The narrator talk of all these details about her but mentioning how he could do better or how he just doesn't like that part about her. In "Know it All: can wikipedia conquer expertise?" Stacy Schiff talk about how a free encyclopedia like this could never work and about many of it's flaws. The main one being how any one can edit things on any topic and it vast majority of unreliable information. Stacy goes into more detail showing that Wales is trying to bite more than he can handle and this is why wikipedia will never be able to last and beat out actual encyclopedias. 
The flaws in these stories could easily affect anyone of us here at Loyola. To many of us wikipedia is one of the best and easily convenient place to go and look up information on a enormous amount of topics. Any one of these flaws could hurt us in anything like a paper to as simple as a homework assignment to just gather information on a specific topic. With many of us looking for companionship and other things in that nature the flaws that we notice after a period of time could affect how we look at out partner. Even vise versa, the flaws that we may have that our partners look upon later on in a relationship and start wondering about. Finally with that the flaws in our past that we look back on and wish that we could fix. We all have them and at times we all do look back on a few of them and just wish we could go back in time and change them. 
The flaws in these three works are easily in perspective of any loyola student for everyone has problems with such thing in their own lives. 

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