Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Marketing Loyola and Jesuit Ideals

The Simpson-Scarborough Marketing Group was hired by Loyola to create a “brand name” to sway prospective students to enroll in the college. This branding, presented through PowerPoint, was meant to embody what it means to be a student at the school and why it is a more attractive choice than other colleges. Through five possible positioning strategies and multiple surveys of faculty, current undergraduates, prospective students, and alumni, the recurring choice to market our College/University is one molding young adults into well-rounded members of society. This included the Jesuit ideals from which this fine institution was created through, meaning the inclusion of the long tradition of service to others, the guarantee of a strong education, and the social development that will allow an individual to succeed. The Jesuit aspect is firmly instilled in Loyola’s marketing campaign through the idea the school creates a whole person who will inspire students to learn, lead and serve in a diverse and changing world.”

The Jesuit tradition at Loyola is one that should appeal to all students. Coming from a Jesuit High School and after a year on this campus I can blatantly see “The Whole U” in effect. The school is filled so strongly with the thought of helping others that it can be seen no matter where you look. Being involved with Relay for Life and helping raise money for Operation Smile really enlightened me to what an enjoyable experience service is, all the while helping you develop socially and creating a more “whole person”. In reality the reason why this marketing campaign will undoubtedly be a successful one is because it is truth. The well-rounded individual goes hand-in-hand with Jesuit ideals and is very visible in the Loyola student’s every day life.

The idea of revealing Loyola as a place where a student can get a complete educational experience not only aligned with how I would describe the school, but also resonated with my other peers attending the presentation. Of the five possible positioning strategies “The Whole U” slogan gives a broad idea of what the Loyola experience is all about. That is what makes this strategy such an effective one. By allowing the targeted audience to come up with their own definition of the term “well-rounded” it enables the prospective student to find their own comfort in the positive term. After all, it was the trait that the majority of the surveyed found as the most important. The strategy would market the vast curriculum, the many athletic and intellectual organizations, the multiple service opportunities, and the social interaction that the city of Baltimore brings. Our unique school and its ability to create a broad appeal is exactly what most (89% of the prospective students) are looking for. This ability to allow an audience to relate to what you are offering is the key to success, whether it be a marketing strategy or a literary work.

I am truly pleased with how strongly the marketing and branding initiative sticks to the Jesuit core. In addition, being well-rounded is one quality that is sought after by most seeking a college education. Similarly to the way the author creates comfort by using two narrators in the book Whale Rider, this marketing promotion finds a common ground in what is sought by a prospective student and what is offered at Loyola. Allowing the audience to easily relate is why the novel was so successful and why this marketing strategy is infallible.

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