Monday, September 22, 2008

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John Milton’s “When I consider how my light is spent”, William Shakespeare’s “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun”, and Stacy Schiff’s “Know It All: Can Wikipedia Conquer Expertise?” all connect with the idea of dealing with the reality of life and what we as humans make of it. John Milton and Stacy Schiff both concern their writings with how human life is spent. William Shakespeare develops the idea of human life even further and expresses his ideas on the realities of human life. Schiff talks about these realities, and how things can go faulty in this world. All readings draw influences from different human perspective, to express their ideas and concerns of the evolving and imperfect world around them.
In John Milton’s sonnet, he looks back on his life and is worried he has not done all he has wanted. He feels that being blind has impaired him. Stacy Schiff’s essay talks about the life work of Wales and other anonymous users. Metaphorically the anonymous users are blind and even though you can not see the user on the Wikipedia site, they have found worth in the site more then Milton has because of his impairment. In Shakespeare sonnet, he comments on impairments or faults. In this sonnet, Shakespeare does admit that those things do exist but in the end his love for his mistress is true and that is all that matters. He is saying that actions are more important than dwelling on your faults. Schiff also talks about this when Wales describes the problems he has with Wikipedia but; how the site is overcoming these problems to be bigger and better in the long run. Each Author deals differently with human faults and the living of human life. In the end it is clear through the readings that each reading is illustrating one way to tackle existence.

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