Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Climb for Habitat

Coming back from a long weekend with my family, I was worried of what i would be able to find as my event to do for this blog. Soon after checking the news-hound, i received a message from habitat for humanity. Reading through it i saw that they were desperately in need of volunteers to help convince people to climb for donations or buy raffle tickets for the multitude of raffles they have. Seeing at the end that it was one of my friends from the rock-wall, i replied stating i would be able to help if they needed any, witch of course soon later was returned with a request to go monday night. 
Walking over to the FAC i wasn't sure what exactly i was going to be doing, since all i think about when i hear habitat for humanity is building houses. Right next to the rock-wall was a table all set up with all these prizes, from tee-shirts to rock climbing shoes (witch i really hope i win), and a sign up sheet to rock climb for donations. The main purpose of this table was to get as many people to buy a few raffle tickets for one of these great prizes that ranged from one dollar all the way to 10, depending on the raffle prize you wanted win. The sign up was basically another incentive for people to have others pay to see them rock climb. 
I learned that even though habitat for humanity is primarily building houses it also needs a lot of fundraising for the building and sponsoring of the houses. This years goal is just around twenty thousand dollars. Habitat does many different little small fundraising functions like this are; habitat and LoCo basketball night, Habitat and LoCo soccer night, buy a brick build a house, and hammer a nail competition. One of the bigger festivities is the rowing for habitat fundraiser. The crew team joins with habitat to raise money for both by getting bigger companies and having kids find others donate money for the number of people they get to row on the many practice machines they bring out in a elongated period of time. The proceeds from this go to habitat and partially to the crew team for there help. 
This is a great example of the jesuit education we receive here at loyola because it is bringing us to help out the world while working behind the scenes. I feel this is a great part of what the jesuits teach because it's not just the recognition we receive for doing these good things but also the being able to step back and not being recognized for our actions. As in the poem we need to help others whatever the consequences are. 

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