Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fr. Linnane'sl State of the College Address

Monday afternoon before class, Fr. Linnane gave his annual State of the College Address in the Alumni Chapel. He spoke with distinct confidence in what he was saying and the power behind his words. He touched upon many issues dealing with the college but the main one he spoke of was the new 6 point plan to make Loyola University more prestige "contemplate catholic university".
In the explanation of this new plan, it talks about the economic, the faculty, the student body, and so much more. In their economic plan he explains on how the economy is in a downfall and the problems arising for loyola in the future. He explains some of the few small things that they are putting into affect to prevent these problems from affecting Loyola such as taking a credit amount of 30 million out in the case of emergency, cutting back on some things, and  many other things. pertaining to the faculty, he wants to make more 10 year full time professors here at loyola and make the "recruiting" process even harder. By making the recruiting process harder he is trying to bring more educated teachers to share more of their knowledge with the loyola community and be able to bring children to want to become more well rounded people. Fr. Linnane went on with some statistics about the sizes of the school, how this year freshman class is the biggest ever, the return rate is still %90 and that this year we didn't have to go to our waiting list. He explained the average grades of kids coming into Loyola and how so many Loyola graduates are going off to well paying jobs of their choice. 
A minority part of his speech was about the jesuit belief in the education of the whole person and about making a difference in the world. Fr. Linnane explained how we a curriculum re already one of the top "contemplate catholic university" already but how he wanted to be one of the leading one's in the U.S. To do this he stressed the strengthening of the faculty and the being taught. With this will also hopefully make us more well rounded intelligent adults. 

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